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Molasses Records launched March 2019
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New Single By Eugene Snowden – I’ll Do It

We are thrilled to announce powerhouse Orlando singer Eugene Snowden has released his new single I’ll Do It on Molasses Records.  The MP3 is available now exclusively on the Molasses Records website.

In these trying times, gigging musicians are one of the hardest-hit groups economically as the majority of their income disappeared overnight.  We encourage you to make use of our “Name Your Own Price” feature to directly help Eugene and the rest of the Molasses family – our artists receive 80% of the profits from their releases.

Run By Musicians, For Musicians

It’s damn near impossible for musicians to support themselves in the era of streaming services which pay virtually no royalties. Based in Central Florida, Molasses Records was formed in 2019 with the intent of enabling songwriters and musicians to create and release their music, and hopefully even make a few dollars.

80/20 Profit Split

  • Major labels pay artists between 10% and 20% of the profits from their releases
  • Many smaller labels now offer 50/50 deals, but they generally take 50% of the artist’s touring revenue and merchandise sales as well
  • Molasses flips the script – 80% of our profits go directly to the artists who have created this music

No Artist Exclusivity

Most labels force artists into binding agreements which last 5 years or more.  Molasses Records signs a separate contract for each release – so if an artist isn’t happy with us, or if they get a better offer from a bigger label, they are free to do as they wish.  If they want to put out another song with us, we sign a new contract for that song.

Support Musicians

All of our songs are available as downloads from all of the major platforms for 99 cents.  If that’s all you can afford, by all means please support these musicians and buy their music there.

However, if you have a little extra money, please download the music directly from Our Store – you can pay any amount you want for the downloads.

Any additional funds received will be shared with the artists and invested into making and releasing new music.

Thank you.